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Human Trafficking

  • Governor Kasich's Executive Order regarding Human Trafficking

  • Click below for the link to the 30-minute Human Trafficking 101 training video developed by the Department of Health. This training can certainly be expanded upon, however it provides a base knowledge of the human trafficking problem in Ohio.

    The following link will take you to a page of posters, billboards and fact sheets that I strongly encourage you to print and prominently display: http://humantrafficking.ohio.gov/Campaign.aspx. All are designed to raise awareness of this issue, and to help more Ohioans know what to do if they suspect human trafficking.


    Please see the press release below (end of email) for talking points to incorporate into your communications. Here are some additional points:

    • Ohio is launching a statewide public awareness campaign to raise general awareness that this insidious crime happens right here, not just in other countries.
    • Over the last year, after carrying out a bid process, the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force partnered with the Impact Group of Hudson, Ohio to develop focus-group tested ads, billboards and posters.
    • All materials are available on the Governor's webpage, they are open-source materials widely available to the public and we encourage you-community groups, faith based groups, private sector folks- who want to join in the fight to look at the material there and post them in every corner of the state so we can start to identify people who need our help.
    • More than 60 of our state agencies, boards and commissions are partnering to get the messaging out and will be extensively using the material in January and throughout the year on social media, in community-facing offices such as our health clinics, in our season farm worker camps, and in our correctional facilities.


    • More than 1,000 Ohio children are estimated to be trafficked every year in the sex trade, over 3,000 Ohio youth are at risk of becoming victims.
    • Average age of victims is 13 years old.
    • Toledo is the fourth largest recruitment site for minor sex trafficking in the country.
    • Ohio is ranked 42nd for children's vulnerability to homelessness, which in turn contributes to a higher vulnerability to child sex trafficking.
    • Runaway children are the most vulnerable for sex slavery, being approached by a trafficker or recruiter within 48 hours to a little over a week after running away.
    • The Ohio Attorney General released a report last week with the following local law enforcement statistics (which do not include federal cases)- in 2013, there were 30 human trafficking investigations, 16 arrests, 7 prosecutions, 9 successful convictions.

    Use this link to access resources about human trafficking, Ohio's anti-trafficking laws, local coalitions doing direct outreach, and education materials targeted to teachers, service providers, and medical professionals among others - http://www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/ht/index.html

    Attached to this email is a facebook cover photo that your agency can use to highlight the campaign. Be sure to "like" the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force on Facebook and follow on Twitter @OhioAntiHTrfk
    Some examples of tweets your agency could use or build on during the month of January:
    Sample tweet #1: Can you recognize the signs of human trafficking? http://www.polarisproject.org/human-trafficking/recognizing-the-signs @Polaris_Project
    Sample tweet #2: Want to join Ohio's fight against #humantrafficking ? Find your local anti-trafficking coalition here: http://www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/ht/#services
    Sample tweet #3: #human trafficking is Ohio's tragic reality- help make it stop! visit humantrafficking.ohio.gov for more info


    • Create an awareness event with your employees or colleagues in the month of January or in 2014.
    • Check out the US Department of State's comprehensive list of ways to engage the general public, parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, mental providers, etc- http://www.state.gov/j/tip/id/help/
    • Use the educational materials to learn and share the facts about human trafficking in Ohio.
    • Use the materials in creative ways. For example, include the billboard image in your email signature for the month. One cost-effective, creative and easy way to reach a lot of people is to use the poster art to make window clings for state vehicles.

  • Elizabeth Ranade Janis
    Anti-Trafficking Coordinator
    Ohio Department of Public Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Services
    614.995.7986 office