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Motor Vehicle Repair Board Members & Staff

Current Board Members

Chairman Keenan B. McKee Eaton, OH
Vice-Chair Christopher Speck Licking County
Michael Giarrizzo, Jr. Geauga County
Randall Blanchard Franklin County
Bruce Hale
Summit County
Howie Graf Franklin County

Board Staff

Executive Director, Michael R. Greene
Program Administrator 1, Paige Beavin
Investigator, Jennnifer Johansen
Investigator, Culburn C. Robinson
Investigator Assistant, Theresa F. Peppers

Previous Board Members

Jennifer Justice-Haley
Eric Poklar
Dean DeRolph
Ronald Nagy
Ralph Emus
Dennis Sterwerf
Richard Finney
Nicholas Lahni
Benjamin Williams
Virginia Duncan
David Weber
Michael Martin
Paul Duncan, Jr.
Barbara Lewis
Bob Anderson
Timothy Trimbach
Keith Kumler
Dennis Glassburn
Mark Moses
Dale Wingate
Russell A. Westfall
Brian K. Seibert Joseph Sanfillipo, Jr. William L. Ogg
C.J. Paterniti Matthew T. Penney Christopher S. Sterwerf
Scott E. Murray Jeffrey N. Wagner Donald H. Rife, Jr.
Earl R. Dohner Mary E. Katris Christopher Macisco