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The Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair is a mandatory statewide program that protects the auto repair industry in Ohio.

Through your participation and registration, you exert control over and shape the future of the auto repair industry in Ohio.

The state of Ohio is addressing critical issues such as falling net profits, decreasing database repair times, aftermarket versus OEM parts usage, and a shrinking labor replacement pool. All are now being monitored and addressed by the Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Registration.

Efective December 18, 1997, all independent collision repair facilities must now register with the Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair.

In August of 2003, auto glass, paintless dent repair and air bag businesses were added to registration requirements. Repairers across Ohio can now be instrumental in shaping, maintaining and protecting the future of the auto repair industry in Ohio.

In March of 2013, window tint installation was added to registration requirements.

As a group, the auto repair industry is now represented by the Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair.  Our mission is to assist repairers and inform them of changes in the business environment while assuring a viable future for the industry in Ohio.


The real benefits to you.

Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Repair...

  • Validates and improves the industryís image with the consumers, insurers, and suppliers
  • Acts an advocate for the auto repair industry by shaping legislation in Ohio
  • Shares industry information with repairers through newsletters, e-mail and the website http://mvrboard.ohio.gov/
  • Helps shops to make informed decisions in response to new legislation in Ohio
  • Offers advice to assist you in running your business more efficiently
  • Promotes fair competition across the industry state wide


Program Registration & Requirements

  • Obtain a registration form by calling (614)995-0714, or better yet, download your application here.
  • Remit $228.50 annual registration fee ($3.50 administration processing fee accessed by the new e-Licensing system.
  • Submit your federal and state taxpayer identification numbers, valid vendorís license number, workerís compensation, unemployment identification and, if applicable, EPA Hazardous Waste Generator number.
  • Copy of your certificate of insurance showing general liability and garagekeeper coverage(s).

  • Include two (2) photographs:
    • (1) showing your building and its sign or mobile unit.
    • (1) vehicle entrances and exits into your shop or signage on mobile unit.
  • Groups exempted from registration include: motor vehicle, auction and salvage dealers; a single commercial, governmental and/or educational fleet repairers, and hobbyists repairing five or less motor vehicles in a calendar year.





  • Loss of Mechanicís Lien rights

  • Fines of up to $5,000
  • Potential court-ordered business closure